$30 annual fee and four annual emissions tests set for heavy-duty trucks operating in California.


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is rolling out its new Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance (HDI/M) $30 emissions fee beginning in July 2023 and then, by 2027, an every-three-months emissions testing requirement.

What is the new HDI/M program?

CARB’s new rules require periodic emissions testing for particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen for all heavy trucks operating in California and for truck owners to pay a registration fee to participate in the program. CARB is phasing in the program, and, eventually, the HDI/M program will require payment of an annual fee and emissions testing four times per year.

Who must comply with the HDI/M requirements?

The fee and testing requirements apply to virtually all heavy trucks operating in California. This includes vehicles based outside of California and vehicles that only occasional haul loads into, out of, or through the state.

When do the testing requirements kick in?

CARB plans to roll out the HDI/M testing program in phases. In Phase 1, which begins this month (January 2023), CARB will use roadside emissions monitoring to identify high-emitting vehicles. When CARB’s roadside monitoring picks up a vehicle that potentially violates the emissions standards, it will send a notice to the owner requiring submission a passing HDI/M test, performed by a certified tester, to CARB within 30 days. This roadside monitoring will continue even after the full periodic requirements are in place.

In Phase 2, currently slated for July 2023, CARB will begin collecting the HDI/M fee, which starts at $30.00 per vehicle and is adjusted annually according to inflation. Phase 3, which will include full implementation of the program, is scheduled to begin no sooner than January 2024. At that time, truck owners will be required to complete HDI/M tests twice per year. Then, beginning three years later (2027), vehicles will need to complete HDI/M testing four times per year.


What equipment do I need to comply with the HDI/M program?

CARB designed HDI/M to utilize existing onboard diagnostic equipment. For older vehicles that are not required to be equipped with OBD systems, testers will use a smoke opacity test and visual inspection to complete the HDI/M tests.

Where can I find more information about this program?

CARB’s HDI/M website (https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/our-work/programs/inspection-and-maintenance-program/hd-im-fact-sheets) contains additional specific information on the HDI/M program, and CARB has created several factsheets on specific topics:

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