The Cullen Law Firm Mourns the Passing of OOIDA’s Jim Johnston

Truckers and friends of truckers everywhere mourn the passing of Jim Johnston, a man who served over four decades as the unquestioned champion of the rights of truck drivers everywhere.  The attorneys at The Cullen Law Firm have been honored and blessed to have been partners with Jim and his beloved OOIDA during this entire period.  His inspiration and zeal guided a long and unending campaign to do what is right for ordinary, hardworking men and women who move the nation’s economic output tirelessly over the ribbons of highways that unite this great land.  Jim was a formidable friend who brought out the best in those who shared his vision of justice for drivers and his unquenchable zeal to pursue that vision wherever the road might lead.  We will miss Jim a lot.  Jim built a strong foundation for the pursuit of justice for truckers.  Those of us whom he has left behind will not abandon the call to serve his noble goal—a goal that Jim pursued until the very end of his life.

OOIDA welcomes those who knew Jim to contribute their thoughts on the memorial page dedicated to Jim Johnston.

God Bless Jim Johnston.

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