Many contracts require you to resolve your disputes through arbitration rather than in the courts. TCLF attorneys have successfully participated in numerous arbitrations for their clients in employment law, contract law, motor carrier law, federal regulations, and other areas.


Appellate Practice

If you believe that a mistake was made in your case before the district court or trial court, your next option may be to appeal your case. TCLF attorneys have extensive experience bringing appeals and have done so before U.S. Courts of Appeals across the country.


Bankruptcy/Federal Trusts

TCLF has developed an expertise in obtaining your money held by a company in a trust or by operation of law, even after that company has entered bankruptcy.


Class Action Litigation

TCLF has obtained over 20 class action certifications in state and federal courts around the country representing motor carriers and independent owner-operator truck drivers. This litigation has achieved substantive recoveries and long-lasting benefits for class members. TCLF has also begun a consumer protection litigation practice in the District of Columbia representing individuals under the D.C. Consumer Procedures and Protection Act.


Complex Litigation

TCLF’s attorneys have extensive experience in pursuing complex litigation involving multiple parties and questions of first impression before the courts involving regulations, statutes and the U.S. Constitution. 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Constitutional Challenges to State Taxes, Tolls, Fees and Regulations The Attorneys at TCLF have represented owner-operator truck drivers and motor carriers to challenge various states’ taxes, tolls, fees, and regulations placing an unfair burden on out-of-state persons in violation of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.


Constitutional Challenges to State Motor Carrier Enforcement

TCLF brought an action against the Minnesota State Patrol to successfully challenge the constitutionality of their procedures to inspect drivers for fatigue. Attorneys at TCLF also brought litigation challenging truck searches that helped bring an end to the Tennessee Public Service Commission.


Consumer Law

TCLF is representing visitors to the Moscow Marriott hotels with a claim under the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Act. These individuals claim that they were quoted one price when they booked their rooms, and then were charged another price when they checked out.


Customs and International Trade

Attorneys at TCLF have assisted importers with all issues involving the importation of foreign goods into the United States, including classification and value, trade restrictions and marking.


Customs Fraud

TCLF has brought a number False Claims Act cases involving the transshipment of merchandise to avoid trade restrictions and duties and the misclassification of imported merchandise to reduce duties.


False Claims Act

If you have personal knowledge that a false statement has been made to the federal government in order to avoid paying money or to be paid by the government, the False Claims Act authorizes you to bring an action and share in the amount of money you for the government. TCLF has brought such actions focused on customs fraud and contracting fraud against the Defense Department.


Federal Rulemakings/Administrative Law

TCLF assists its clients in drafting comments to proposed regulations at federal agencies. TCLF also helps clients bring legal challenges to federal agency action, including new regulations. TCLF has been involved in rulemakings related to the truck driver’s Hours of Service, Electronic On-Board Recording Devices, Driver Training, the DataQs system, operating authority for Mexico-domiciled motor carriers to operate throughout the United States, employment histories under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and GSA rules governing federal contractors.


Federal Property Taking (Railroad Right-of-Way)

The Cullen Law Firm represents property owners and business whose property has been taken by the government for railroads and utilities. Property and business owners have rights under federal law that must be respected when their land is being taken. Their rights are also impacted if the taken property is being used for a different purpose than originally intended.


Trade Association Practice

The Cullen Law Firm has experience providing legal advice to trade association, non-profits, and other coalitions. Transportation TCLF has represented motor carriers, owner-operators, and employee truck drivers in a variety of litigation dealing with federal regulations, law enforcement actions, contracts, brokers, shippers, receivers, and lumpers.



TCLF has represented motor carriers, owner-operators, and employee truck drivers in a variety of litigation dealing with federal regulations, law enforcement actions, contracts, brokers, shippers, receivers, and lumpers.
Supreme Court Practice

TCLF lawyers have experience assisting their client file “friend of the court” or amicus curiae briefs in the Supreme Court to present their particular views and perspective on issues that arise before the court. TCLF has also filed numerous Petitions for Certiorari asking the Supreme Court to hear their clients’ appeals and briefs in opposition to such petitions.