Appellate advocacy presents unique challenges. Whether seeking to preserve a trial court victory or overturn a decision, appellate judges approach cases from a fundamentally unique perspective; therefore, a distinct set of skills are needed to prevail. Successful appellate advocacy requires a comprehensive understanding of the law and precedent. It also requires a strategic, calculating approach to reframe legal issues to focus the court’s attention properly. The Cullen Law Firm has a deep knowledge of appellate law and procedure.

An appellate strategy also does not start when a case is won or lost in the trial court. If a case involves a substantial right, a significant dollar amount, or a legal issue that will fundamentally affect your business, an appellate strategy optimally begins once a complaint is filed in the trial court. Such planning will ensure the case does not waive any arguments needed on appeal and that the proper record is developed to support all appeal positions. The firm’s appellate experience includes:

  • Owner-Operator Indep. Drivers Ass’n, Inc. v. Fed. Motor Carrier Safety Admin., 656 F.3d 580, 582 (7th Cir. 2011), 656 F.3d 580, 582 (7th Cir. 2011)