The Cullen Law Firm has extensive experience handling a broad range of regulatory and litigation matters involving the motor carrier industry. We use our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the transportation industry, and how it has changed over the decades, to protect the rights and interests of motor carriers and owner-operators across the nation. In today’s highly regulated world, the Firm provides strategic advice and representation to address the most complex and challenging matters.

Our attorneys have successfully challenged unconstitutional state taxes, tolls, fees, and regulations, as well as unconstitutional agency enforcement efforts. Those victories have affirmed the rights of motor carriers and owner-operators, creating bulwarks against future abuse. Successful class action litigation against unconstitutional taxes, tolls, and fees has returned millions of dollars to the pockets of truckers that are vital to the United States economy. The Firm’s truth-in-leasing litigation on behalf of owner-operators has ensured that truck drivers are not taken advantage of by large, Fortune 500 trucking companies.